Welcome to Emergent Commons

Making Sense Together for a More Connected World


What is this?

This is a member and volunteer supported community that emerged from the work of Rebel Wisdom. When Rebel Wisdom decided to stop supporting a community site, the community created their own site here. Fundamentally we have found that how we relate to each other is part of our foundation and growth, and how we relate is even more important than what we do.

What can I do here?

This site provides a place where we can engage, explore and connect. Here we have the opportunity to:

  • Share art/poetry/music
  • Discuss current events, philosophical questions and spiritual journeys in an open and depolarized way
  • Engage in relational practices and experiments
  • Join or start Crews to do all of the above
  • Find other members in your geographic region

How is this paid for?

We have a Patreon site where community members can contribute funds, which cover the cost of using Mighty Networks and a few other tools such as Zoom.

Who runs this thing?

Us. Well, more accurately, a group of volunteers from the community who would be happy to include you.

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